Gladiator Slots Review – Playtech Casino Online Game

If you’re looking for the perfect slot to play for free, you’ve come to the right place. Based on the 2000 movie, this Playtech slot features five reels, three rows and twenty-five paylines. You can bet anywhere from $0.02 to $150 per spin and you can play for as little as thirty cents. This is a great game for beginners and those with medium-sized bankrolls. You can find plenty of ways to win money when playing Gladiator.

The game’s bonus features are excellent. The Prepare for Battle bonus lets players choose their hero or villain and enter the battle. Players can choose to fight one of the two gladiators or both, and will be rewarded credits depending on the performance of each Gladiator. Compared to other bonus games, this is a great feature for slots fans. The wild multiplier doubles any winnings by a multiple of five. The maximum win in Gladiator slots is 2,000x your line bet, so if you bet a maximum of $200, you could potentially win $300,000.

The symbols in Gladiator Slots include the sword, shield, and tiger. As you play, you will find graphics that mimic the real-life setting. There are symbols representing the sword, shield, gold, and tough warriors. The winning symbols expand and reveal an animation when they land on the winning paylines. However, the winning symbols often appear in a repeating pattern. You can’t win in the game if you get stuck with the same symbol over.

Gladiators wore very little clothing. They fought in bare chests, which was a sign of masculinity. They also wore canvas loincloths, called subligaculum, and gladiator sandals, which still influence the style of sandals worn today. Their helmets varied in size and weight. A few Gladiators wore heavy bronze helmets, while others wore lighter bronze ones. Despite the different weapons and armour used, gladiators were generally well-armed and very agile.

Players can trigger the Pick Me Bonus game by landing three or more villain, hero, or Colosseum symbols on consecutive paylines. Once triggered, the bonus game will let you choose a Gladiator and win extra credits. You can continue choosing until you reach “Collect” to collect the money. During this bonus round, the player will get a chance to win cash prizes every time a Gladiator attacks. A player can win up to $400 if they manage to land three or more villain symbols.

Aside from a bonus game, players can also earn free spins while playing Gladiator slots. This game is made up of three rows on six reels, and offers many bonuses. Wild symbols are particularly useful when landing in an advantageous position. They replace other symbols, while the scatter symbol is necessary to activate the bonus. However, you can also choose to play Gladiator slots for free before making a decision about playing with real cash.

Aside from the bonus game, the Gladiator slot is also popular due to its generous cash pay-outs. You can choose a variety of staking options in Betsoft’s game, as well as play it for free. Then, just choose the amount you’re comfortable with playing. It’s all very exciting and well decorated. And as with all Betsoft slots, you can even play the game for free.