Playing Chocolates has been a favorite among most people around the world. It’s fun, relaxing and even makes you feel good (which it does). Just watching someone play Chocolates though, isn’t always so fun. So here are some tricks for you to learn before you head out on a winning streak.

Most of us just head over to the nearest candy store and play chocolates, whenever we feel stressed out. And when you play chocolates with slot machines, you tend to lose more often. The trick to avoiding losing too much is to increase your bankroll. When you increase your bankroll, you can actually play longer and win more. Some tips on increasing your bankroll here.

Most of us love chocolates but not everyone can tell that candy bar is the chocolates and which one is a slot. To tell the difference, all you need to do is play a few times with each machine and watch the symbols on the reels change. Hotter colors usually mean a higher payout, so you should stick to dark or black chocolates. Sweet tooth, however, will have different preferences.

Another trick for increasing your winnings is to select random slots with matching symbols. Some examples are a jackpot symbol on a 1-line where you usually wouldn’t see one, a star symbol on a 2-line so you’d never expect it and a heart symbol on a 3-line. If you’re not familiar with these icons, a quick search on Google will help you visualize them. You can also find a site that shows you a list of symbols in a sequence. These sites are a great place to learn about symbols and how to identify them.

After you’ve identified a symbol that’s associated with a payout, you should then try to find similar looking bars with similar icons on the reels. When you match two of these bars, the chances of winning increase. If you can find five or six boxes, your winnings will rise even more. This tip can really help you increase your chances of winning more because most of the time, winning machines have more than one icon on the reel, making it harder to determine which one is paying out.

Finally, play chocolates just for the fun of it. Some people will play these slots to win big money. While this can happen, most people who play chocolates on the slot machines aren’t planning on playing for the win. The main reason they put in the time and effort to play these slots is so they can have a good time. Play them for their entertainment value and you’ll likely be able to pick up some real money with this method!